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Hard water

Lime scale has many serious economic, health and safety consequences.
It causes repeated malfunctions of expensive household appliances like washing machines and water heaters. It causes wasted electricity and gas because heating elements are ineffective.
If you are one of 60% of households in Ireland living in a hard water area, lime scale is costing you money in extra energy and maintenance.
Lime scale is a significant insulator and substantially reduces the capacity of the heat exchangers to heat the water, thereby expending more energy to penetrate through the encapsulating lime scale build-up.
Just a small coating of lime scale of 1.6 mm (.06 inches) on a heat exchanger in a boiler can reduce its efficiency by an average of 11%. As the scale increases, the efficiency losses rise dramatically. Thermostats insulated with scale can indicate a lower temperature reading, creating a false demand for additional hot water.
This means that if you let the lime scale build up, each month you have to spend a lot more than you need to on electricity bills. Add to that 20 – 40 % shorter life on your appliances and you will soon see how important it is to find an effective solution to the lime scale problem.

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