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biodegradable cleaning products don't cause or aggrevate eczemaOur biodegradable cleaning products  are not only environmentally friendly, but also gentle on your skin. Many people  and especially children in Ireland are affected by a condition called atopic eczema.

Atopic eczema can cause your skin to become dry, red and itchy. This condition is frequently aggravated by harsh cleaning products and laundry detergents that are bought in a supermarket.

Harsh detergents not only affect your health and damage the environment, they also can kill good bacteria that are responsible for correct functioning of your septic tank.

Household cleaners, especially floor wax and rug cleaners, chlorine bleach, chlorides, cheap “antibacterial,” “disinfectant,”or “sanitizing” products when used often, can stop your septic tank from functioning alltogether.


Use Kind To Your Skin, Biodegradable Cleaning Products

Colleran Environmental biodegradable cleaning products combine active oxygen and naturally-derived ingredients such as coconut and citrus fruit that are highly effective, yet gentle to your skin.

Many of them have been in production for long time, some of them as long as 50 years. They have therefore been thoroughly tested and certified as safe by dermatologists worldwide.

Because our cleaning products are packed with active ingredients, you also need less water and less energy to use them, which means less waste.

All our products are biodegradable and therefore much kinder to the environment.


Sample Product Demonstration

Why should you buy cleaning products from us rather than a supermarket?

Have you ever had dry, scratchy, or irritable skin in locations where you wear garments? Over time this harmful crud can build up in your body and begin to wreak mayhem on your immune system and overall health. Most supermarket products contain harsh detergents and chemicals that are harmful to your health and damage the environment.

Detergents are much less expensive to make than real soaps, and marketing has actually guaranteed that a bulk of the population is definitely persuaded that detergents are safe to use.

Would you be amazed to find out that the huge bulk (higher than 80 %) have never ever been checked? And most of the others have been checked only by the producer and not an independent screening lab?

What’s even more disturbing is that they are not legitimately needed to note their ingredients on the labels. While these chemicals might not be on the label, recent researches show many of them to be proven deadly toxins.

They develop in your skin, and may cause many serious health problems such as asthma, autism, infertility, allergies, eczema and even cancer .

When looking for cleaning products, what is your selection criteria? Usually it is the cost and the smell.

You could think you are selecting between spring blossoms and mountain rain, however you might really be sniffing formaldehyde and inhaling at least one carcinogen (cancer-causing agent). The EPA reports that formaldehyde causes cancer in animals and might do so in humans. In addition to serious allergies, this gas can likewise irritate your respiratory system and cause queasiness.

It is sickening indeed to consider exactly how typically we are exposed to these fumes while doing laundry and wearing garments that carry the scent. Not only are the fragrances unsafe, however the providers of fragrance (phthalates) show adverse impacts on reproductive wellness. The phthalates cause deformities in the testicles of exposed male animals and minimize sperm count.

This chemical pollutes the air and water while increasing your risk of establishing liver cancer cells. The flowery perfumes escaping your wash cycle may smell pleasant, however they might trigger asthma in your kids and cause the development of new allergies. In addition to the irritation that optical brighteners could cause to your skin, they damage the life within our waterways.

Such poisonous chemicals can alter the physical properties of small organisms and poison fish. As they do not biodegrade, their impacts are long lasting within our environment. Just like lead poisoning, the effects of these chemicals usually are not instantaneous, they progressively eat away at your wellness over time, due to the fact that they are taken in with your skin.

The chemicals in laundry cleaning agent end up on your clothes and they are never ever rinsed completely.

We have therefore decided to provide a safer solution – biodegradable cleaning products based on natural ingredients  that will not cause skin irritations or other health problems. All our dermatologist tested products are safe to the environment and will not cause damage to your septic tank.

 Environmentally Green for a Safer Clean


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