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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Scalewatcher® for the Limescale Treatment:

Q.   Will the system treat the whole house ?
A.   Yes just one unit fitted to the rising main will protect the whole house.

Q.  Will it treat existing scale ?
A.   Existing scale is reduced and formation of new scale is prevented.

Q.   Are chemicals add to the water ?
A     No unlike water softeners nothing is added to the water and nothing is removed.

Q.    How much electricity does it use ?
A      It uses 2 watts of electricity – costing about €5 a year to run.

Q    What type of pipe work do I need ?
A     Suitable for all types of pipework : copper, steel, lead or plastic.

Q   Will I have to involve a plumber to install Scalewatcher®?
A   The Scalewatcher® is very easy to install without cutting any pipes.

Water Purifier  Q & A

Q. Which inorganic compounds will the Water Purifier remove?
A. Our company has documented that its carbon filter can effectively remove lead,  mercury and radon plus asbestos through filtration. In simplest terms, removal results from the limited attraction these materials have to carbon combined with other water chemistry.

Q. How does the Water Purifier remove Chlorine ?
A. Chlorine reacts with the carbon filter surface and is converted to chloride. This reaction eliminates the chlorine and its offensive taste and odour. To a consumer, the elimination of the chlorine taste and odour is key. The chloride level is insignificant and should not pose any concern.

Q. Why does a surface film sometimes form on coffee or tea made with treated water?
A. Scientists who have studied this phenomenon have found it is caused by a reaction of the calcium in hard water and natural compounds in coffee and tea. Since treated water may have a slightly higher pH, this makes the reaction more likely. This problem only occurs in hard water.

Q Can the contaminants that build up inside the carbon filter contaminate water coming out of the system?
A. As long as the filter is properly used and replaced as recommended, this is not an issue.

Q. What is ultraviolet light? Does it make water radioactive?
A. It has been conclusively proven that the ultraviolet light used the Water Purifier is safe for use in your home. Ultraviolet (UV) light is similar to visible light and radio waves, sun, a light bulb, or the UV lamp in the Water Purifier.

Q. Is the cartridge used in the eSpring Water Purifier an exclusive design?
A. The design of the carbon/ultraviolet cartridge of the Water Purifier is exclusive and includes patented technology.

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