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Danger of chlorine treated water

According to a recent report published in The Irish Times it has been revealed that the Irish government have admitted that there is known traces of Trihalomethane within our public water supplies.
The highly dangerous pollutant is said to increase a person’s chance of developing cancer. It is believed the hazardous toxin can be make it way into our drinking water as a result when a reaction occurs between organic materials, such as peaty soil, and chlorine which is put into public water supplies as a disinfectant.
The detailed report states that the Irish government has informed the European Commission this week that approximately 400,000 people who drink Irish Water supplies are ‘possibly affected’ by levels of Trihalomethane although the level are deemed to be safe.
The worrying news of the potentially harmful toxin has prompted the world renowned legal clerk and long-time campaigner against environmental pollutants, Erin Brockovich, to warn the Irish people (especially pregnant women about the dangerous toxins.
Ms Brockovich wrote a brief message on her facebook page which reads:
My Irish cousins… trihalomethanes may result in increased cancer levels after long periods of consumption… but please don’t be fooled by this dodge of responsibility and factual sharing of information by your government! Trihalomethanes are far more dangerous to pregnant women. Studies have demonstrated woman exposed to Drinking Water over 80 ug/L of trihalomethanes expense a greater risk for miscarriage in the first trimester and low birth weight in the second and third trimester… beware of very real “short term” exposure!”
Although it is not yet clear were in Ireland these dangerous levels of Trhalomethanes are, pregnant women nationwide are being advised to stay away from tap water for the time being.

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