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Save money with Scalewatcher hard water treatment

“I was somewhat dubious if it would work…but 6 months on the results are remarkable. So thank you Scalewatcher for a remarkable product. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.
Caroline Burkett Ashbourne
Does it really work?
The Scalewatcher has been tested by Portsmouth University, numerous publications and has won the Ideal Home Blue Ribbon Award which is why it comes with a money back performance guarantee. With a proven 97% success rate over 16 years.
How can I tell if it’s working?
In around 4 to 6 weeks you should notice:
• The softening of scale around the basins
• Scale flaking away from the kettle element and shower rose
• Water feeling hotter, improved performance of washing machines and dishwashers
• Easier cleaning of surfaces, especially baths, basins and sinks
Does it affect the drinking water?
Water remains chemically unchanged, retaining the beneficial minerals and tastes the same so you do not need a separate drinking tap.
Where does the removed scale go?
Scale does not stick to pipeworks and appliances and is removed in minute quantities back into the water, where it washes away.

Does it require any maintenance?
Once installed the unit will require no maintenance at all, for It’s expected life span is 10 years or more.
How much does it cost to run?
The units uses around €7 of electricity a year.
What if it does not work?
We can normally solve most problems. If we can’t you get your money back.
Will the scale that is reduced block pipes?
No, the calcium is gradually dissolved back into solution.
Is the Scalewatcher suitable for all types of water systems?
Yes. It does not matter how you heat your water the Scalewatcher treats all systems.

Limescale doesn’t just do serious damage to your home. It hurts you in the wallet too. By furring up your pipes, your hot water system and your washing machine – lime scale makes them run far less efficiently and consume more energy.

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